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Evens Time Delivers on Promises Made

Denison Parking, Inc.

denison parking case study

-Mark Pratt, Chief Executive Officer

Denison Parking, Inc., a global parking operator based in Indianapolis since 1927, brings value to its clients by increasing net operating profit anywhere from 7-35%. That value represents a whopping difference of between 3-13% from its competitors!

Denison can achieve these astounding results by the creative use of space on any given parking property. Because Denison strongly favors a leased model and is willing to take the risks associated with properly staffing and managing a property, they stand head and shoulders above their competition. “We tell the truth, and own up to our mistakes, so we have a reputation for integrity”. Mark is understandably proud of his organization!

Several years ago, Mark was the pioneer in two-way audio/video patron assistance, which revolutionized the operations of parking properties. Two-way remote monitoring technology bridged the gap between automating the property (saving labor costs) and adding the “human touch” even when no parking attendant was physically on-site. Patrons could interface in real-time, both visually and aurally, with a customer service representative right in the lane or at the pay-on-foot payment unit. “We are very proud to have achieved a patent on this technology”, says Mark. “Our remote monitoring services, known as ‘Parker’, enable us to monitor multiple facilities virtually anywhere, giving the parking patron the assistance he/she needs without the expensive overhead to the facility owner”.

Denison Parking has partnered with Evens Time on many parking properties, both off-street and on-street, for over 15 years. Mark continues, “Partnerships are very important to us at Denison. We consider our clients partners, and we consider our vendor Evens Time as a long-term partner as well. The integrity has ALWAYS been there with Evens Time, whether we have worked with the third-generation owners, or now with the fourth-generation owners. We succeed together because our relationship is truthful and respectful . . . and that makes it work!”

“Evens Time: Honesty, integrity, and product expertise”

Evens Time, Inc., a workforce management provider, has been helping organizations with their time and labor, human resources, and payroll needs since 1934. As an independent, value-added reseller, they consult and recommend the best solution for your most important resource: your staff!

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