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Are you still using a manual typewriter? A pager?   We bet not! So why are you still using manual timesheets or time clocks? Oh, you say, we are on the “honor system”. Really? What did you have for breakfast a week ago Tuesday? So many people complete their manual timesheets all at once at the end of the pay period (many times, that pay period is two weeks or semi-monthly), so how are you/they going to remember the exact time they began their shift, or were gone to lunch, if they are not diligent about it every day, all day? Workforce management affects every person in your organization, and it never produces any revenue. So, the only way to reduce costs are to make the workforce management processes more efficient. Time and labor, payroll, human resource functions (including ACA, benefit carrier connections, recruitment and onboarding) can be so easy and affordable. We offer the full suite of workforce management, including payroll processing, at half the cost (but all the functionality) as the “big” companies. Ask us how!

Minutes are Money!

What “Only Five Minutes” Lost Time Each Day Costs Per Year
Hourly Rate 5
$7.15 $1,519 $3,038 $7,596 $15,193 $30,387 $151,937
$7.50 $1,593 $3,187 $7,968 $15,937 $31,875 $159,375
$8.00 $1,700 $3,400 $8,500 $17,000 $34,000 $170,000
$8.50 $1,806 $3,612 $9,031 $18,062 $36,125 $180,625
$9.00 $1,912 $3,825 $9,562 $19,125 $38,250 $191,250
$9.50 $2,018 $4,037 $10,093 $20,187 $40,375 $201,875
The above figures are based on 8 hours a day, 5 days per week, 255 working days per year, and overhead cost taken equal to hourly rate.
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Workforce Management Products

Evens Time offers several systems allowing us to provide real solutions to your individual Time and Attendance needs. We offer a variety of terminals to collect the data in the most efficient and secure way. We offer badge swipe, keypad entry, pc keyboard entry, PDA link, biometrics, telephony, proximity badge and others. We offer several software packages, add-on modules and payroll interfaces to build a total solution to your requirements. The following are links to a few of the systems we sell, install and support.