WEO Announces National Certification Programs for Time and Labor Management.

KLEMONT, IL (September 16, 2014): The Workforce Educational Organization (WEO), creator of the first professional recognition and certification for workforce management technology professionals, is pleased to announce that registration is now open for time and labor management certification. More than 30 individuals have recently completed the training.

The WEO professional certification fills a gap in the domain of time and labor management technology by providing businesses with a standard measure of competency and guidelines for timekeeping and labor management, according to Sherry Evens, WEO Co-Chairperson. The WEO vision is to increase the understanding, utilization, and impact of time and labor management systems by providing education, timekeeping, and time & labor management technology certification and professional recognition, research and collaboration so that employers and workers can benefit and improve operationally, strategically, and financially.

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